Orla Gartland has returned with new single ‘More Like You’ the follow-up to her hugely successful 2020 single ‘Pretending’.  ‘More Like You’ sees Gartland dealing directly with her with feelings of insecurity and inferiority,

“‘More Like You’ was born from a petty friend jealousy I have for my best friend’s other best friend. She’s someone who I only ever heard good things about, someone I wanted to hate until I met her and – of course – I didn’t. I loved her,” explains Gartland.

“When you don’t have much access to someone it’s easy to put them on a pedestal and forget that they have their own layered & complex life, you only see perfection. I became obsessed. I wanted to sing like her, I wanted to dress like her, I wanted to swap bodies with her Freaky-Friday style. So ‘More Like You’ is another song about identity, about yearning to switch lives with someone who makes it all look easy.”

Gartland co-wrote ‘More Like You’  with Tommy King (musical director and collaborator to HAIM, Vampire Weekend), during lockdown. “My favourite sound in the track is the pulse that you hear in the first verse. I didn’t want this song to feel sad but instead curious, so I liked the idea of the song starting not with a guitar or piano but a sound that was less recognisable, made up of layers and layers of other sounds,”

‘More Like You’ and ‘Pretending’ will both feature on Orla Gartland’s upcoming debut album which is set to be released later this year. Gartland is keeping a lid on the title for now, but whatever it’s called it’s sure to be a success for the Dubliner.