Northern Ireland’s Rebekah Fitch is back with her second single of 2020 ‘Game Over’ is an ’80s leaning, radio friendly electro track reminiscent of both Janet Jackson and Charli XCX which tackles timely and pertinent issues for many young people today. Namely, what’s next and where is my life going?

“You’ve lost your youthful ignorance. You’re facing the realisation that nothing in life is working out as you imagined it would, and you can’t fight the overwhelming sense that you’re falling behind, doing everything wrong,” explains Fitch of Game Over. “Somewhere within you that childlike hope and magic and lust for life is fighting to survive, despite the weight of responsibility and endless cycle of bad news about the state of the world.”

Gamer Over’s smooth production and powerhouse vocals can only serve to bring more attention to Rebekah Fitch as she prepares to release her next body of work in 2021.