The inaugural Stratospheres Psych night is set to take place in The Grand Social this Saturday, September 25th with performances by some of Ireland’s best psych rock acts. The night which will feature Sun Mahshene, Tuath and Thee U.F.O as well as a special DJ set from Fuzzed Up and Astromoon Records.

The video for Sun Mahshene‘s 2021 single The Righteous One featured Annie Ryan, best-known for her role in ’80s cult classic movie ‘Ferris Beuller’s Day Off’ and the band are set release their new EP later this year.

Tuath, have gained regular airplay on the US’s hippest alternative station KEXP, as well as national radio support in the UK and Ireland. their blend of psychedelia, trip-hop, shoegaze, noise and krautrock that draws from Irish identity and frequently the language itself as a means to discuss contemporary issues of an existential & socioeconomic basis.

Thee U.F.O are a Psychedelic organism captained by chief DäH who emits various noise frequencies and echos, firstmate Bëth often uses singing sirens and metal discs to communicate. They are partnered with bombastic rhythm machines Jakî (Legß) and Jæmy (Nug?).

The newly formed Dublin label Fuzzed Up and Astromoon Records has already released music for bands from Ireland, The U.K., Denmark and Canada. Expect to hear many of their artists tracks plus a smattering of Psych rock classics.

The organisers of Stratospheres Psych night are planning to expand into a weekend festival next year “with an ultimate aim of delivering an international psyche experience to Dublin that rivals the rightfully acclaimed Manchester Pysch Festival.”

Stratospheres at The Grand Social, Saturday September 25th Doors: 5pm. First band on at 8pm. Tickets: €15 on the door or in advance online: