Releases are getting that bit more sparse in the lead up to Christmas as artists look towards 2020. But alas, there is still a splattering of releases worth checking out in our round-up of the best new Irish tunes this week.

Possibly the most attention-grabbing is ‘Mist’ from Ava Archbold, a 15 year old musician from West Cork. After listening, we couldn’t quite believe that this well-crafted, complete and mature sound has come from a sprog so young. A serious talent that should not be ignored.

We’ve also got releases from Isaac Jones, EMBRZ, Local Boy, Hozier, Kean Kavanagh (new video) and Party Fears.

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Ava Archbold

Biig Piig

Isaac Jones


Local Boy


Ross Breen

Kean Kavanagh

(not a new song, new video though)

Party Fears

If you want your music featured in one of our New Music posts, please submit your tracksĀ here!