We all miss gigs. The dirty sweaty joy of letting rip to your favourite act and while livestreams are certainly no substitute they have in some instances made things a big easier for those of us experiencing the gig DTs.

One new venture which is sure to hit your musical sweet-spot is Live From Guerilla Studios a new venture brought to you from the award-winning ears of Percolator’s Spud Murphy, producer of epic albums by acts such as Lankum, and all-round Irish music scene legend Ray Wingnut.

Live From Guerrilla Studios launches on Thursday, July 9th from 10pm. Episode one will feature The Bonk, John Francis Flynn and Vicky Langan.


Live From Guerrilla Studios will air weekly on Thursday nights from 10pm, for an hour-long stream. Episode One will air on Thursday, July 9th via the Guerrilla Studios YouTube channel. (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-Zp2X0kYDl0SULreKbXVSw)