The world’s premier autumnal hip hop artist, Nealo has announced details of his second album ‘November Medicine’ which is set for release on November 27th.

The follow-up to the D15 rapper and spoken word artist’s 2020 Choice Music Prize nominated debut ‘All The Leaves Are Falling’ features ‘Tears You Cry’ and ‘Forest’ and new single ‘Only Human’.

‘Only Human’ was written during lockdown in Doolin with Susan O’Neill, Gemma Doherty (Saint Sister), and producers Royal Yellow (Mark O’Brien) and Adam Shanahan.

“Only Human is unique because it’s the first song I have written that sounds distinctly Irish. It is original in that it blends elements of hip hop, spoken word, along with traditional Irish sounds and spirituality,” explains Nealo of the latest extract from the album.

“It’s about the overwhelming feeling of meeting someone and knowing that your whole lives are now intertwined forever. It’s about meeting your soulmate in a messed-up world, where things seem to be falling apart. You attach yourself to this feeling because it is so beautiful, and it makes you feel safe and connected. At the end of the day, all we’re really searching for is connection.

“In the song, I’m talking about how good it feels to be with that person, just to walk with them. I’d sacrifice so much to be with that person and have them in my life. I want to show them everything about my life, where I came from, where I grew up, all the bad and good in that area, and all the bad and good in myself.”

The album also features Gemma Doherty’s Saint Sister bandmate Morgana on ‘Forest’, Rebel Phoenix on ‘What Colour Would Our Friendship Be?’ and long-term collaborator Jehnova on fan favourite ‘Tears You Cry’ as well as contributions from Uly and Rach.

News of ‘November Medicine’ comes in advance of Nealo’s appearance at Tengu, this Friday, as part of Ireland Music Week 2023. ‘November Medicine’ is available to pre-order – here


  1. Love Ya
  2. Absent Hearted
  3. Spirit Totem
  4. Forest Feat. Morgana
  5. On Blanch Interlude
  6. Tears You Cry Feat. Jehnova
  7. I Know Feat. Shiv
  8. What Colour Would Our Friendship Be? Feat. Rebel Phoenix
  9. Bucko, Wilbur, Frankie & The Acid (interlude)
  10. Cereal Feat. Morgana, Rach & Uly
  11. Rosemary
  12. Tiny Birds Interlude
  13. Only Human