Today came the formal announcement that responsibility for the National Symphony Orchestra and Choirs (Philharmonic Choir, Cór Linn and Cór na nÓg) will transfer from RTÉ to the National Concert Hall on 24 January 2022. It is a change that was raised in 2018 in Helen Boaden’s policy report “RTÉ Orchestras: Ensuring a Sustainable Future”, and represents a major realignment in Ireland’s cultural framework, as well as reducing RTÉ’s overall expenditure (and direct investment in the arts) by a considerable margin.

In their joint statement, NCH chairperson (Maura McGrath) and CEO (Robert Read) welcomed the move, saying they were “proud and excited” to welcome the orchestra and choirs, and went on to say that their vision was “to ensure the orchestra is sustained, strengthened and developed to a world-class standard, with state-of-the-art facilities which will be delivered as part of our overall redevelopment programme. Our ambition is to invest in the orchestra, to realise our joint artistic potential, enhancing diversity and accessibility, ensuring orchestral music is a sustainable and integral part of our output.”