Music is set to return to Abner Browns barbershop in Rathmines this month following a hiatus which has saw proprietor Dave Judge focusing on his venue The Underground in Dame St. and The Bowery in Rathmines which Judge has recently started booking.

Gigs, which started out as an excuse to have a bit of craic several years ago morphed beyond Judge’s expectations and the nights soon proved so popular that they were regularly turning people away. International media began to take notice of this musical anomaly and the likes of R.EM.’s Michael Stipe would soon be popping their heads in to see what all the fuss was about.

Established acts such as Ash and Duke Special would soon be performing as well as a host of up-and-coming acts.

Now music is set to return to the intimate venue for a series of monthly showcase nights in the iconic barbershop are kicking off on 23rd Oct with performances from State Lights and ELLYD.
There will be a nominal ticket fee of €5 all proceeds go to engineer and acts. Abner Browns does not take any money for these gigs.

Tickets are very limited and go on sale Monday at 9am through Eventbrite.