MuRli has teamed up with Dublin football club Bohemians for the video for the title track from his EP ‘Till The Wheels Fall Off’.

The track deals with the serious problem of racial discrimination in society which unfortunately shows its ugly face all too often at sporting events, the anonymity of the crowd seemingly offering people protection to scream obscenities at players and other people in the crowd.

‘Till The Wheels Fall Off’ is a powerful reaction to racism at football matches and other sporting events inspired by a racist incident in the Portuguese football league, when Porto striker, Moussa Marega, walked off the pitch during his side’s 2-1 away win to Vitoria Guimaraes.

It is great to see Bohemians support MuRli in his efforts to back the campaign #LoveFootballHateRacism one of many progressive actions the club has taken in recent memory including addressing the issue of period poverty and declaring that refugees are welcome.

All sales will go toward MASI(Movement of Asylum Seekers of Ireland.) Buy ‘Till The Wheels Fall Off’ – here

We simply must do better.

Monkey chants in the stadium
Jackie Chan in his cranium
If he could he’d be schooling ‘em
And let the game carry on through holograms
Roaches on my timeline
They don’t like me, but they want mine
My irises, the colour of a stop sign
Unlike my missus, I am not fine
Stakes are higher than a cow on cannabis
I stay on side in the clear like where the banner is
Laugh out loud just to cover up the cowardice
That had resulted from investing where the manna is
I see you get away with things that I never will
I close my eyes hoping I’m dreaming but I know it’s real
Buying time to plan my get out, Jordan Peele
While the daily news said he Kent, I’ll be Man of steel
My arms strong from holding back on all fronts
I know tongues that reach spots a sword won’t
Unbeknown to hotspots I kept mum
To spare you kids the wrath if you’re that dumb

You can’t
Hide forever
Ain’t nobody safe here
Unless we all are
You can’t
Hide forever
Ain’t nobody safe here
Unless we all are

Took a seat by an anonymous tree listening to Nas
Though the inspiration was free I paid the price
In the look a passerby gave us, it wasn’t nice
Age 3 we’ve been refugees like Clef and Pras
Opened my mouth and stuttered 4 times like Pharrell’s beats
So I just kept it to myself like these beats
But you don’t stand for something life is a lottery
And since I never won at it, that’s not my strategy
I’m, exiting my second puberty
I apologise for the false sense of purity
Those who saw it rise don’t Tom Ford the foolery
Worn as a guise to out screw the scrutiny
You ever heard my voice in the razzmatazz?
I’m gonna have to take a pass on that pat on the back.
That’s not my vibe
I just roll with the punches so I survive
Weather the storm, trap the rain and take a dive
Been underrated all my life it don’t hurt no more
I spit it, you roll your eyes like you heard it before
Next minute you down picking your jaw off the floor

You can’t
Hide forever
Ain’t nobody safe here
Unless we all are
You can’t
Hide forever
Ain’t nobody safe here
Unless we all are

Hands in the air that’s volleyball
Stand against the wall that’s a photocall
A thorn in your flesh what I live for
You can’t tell me nothing, that’s protocol.