Goldenplec is delighted to premiere The Pelican Brief, the debut single to be released by alternative electronic artist Marcus Dalton, AKA Mark Richard.

Fusing sonic elements of folk and electronic music with afrobeat rhythms, this release also marks the producer’s first collaborative effort, with the track co-written by and featuring Irish singer-songwriter Bróna Keogh.

It marks a departure from Richard’s previously released instrumental work, with Keogh’s soothing voice lilting over a supporting cast of sounds both acoustic and electronic, swelling to a wall of vocal overlays on top of the bass and percussion. Mark delves further into the meaning of the track:

This song uses heavy imagery to depict a vivid dream which Bróna had explained during the writing process. The natural elements described are used as a counterpoint to our indecision as humans faced with choices we must make while the world around us simply obeys the laws of nature. Sometimes we might wish we could go back to a more simplistic existence but, in reality, our society does not allow for that.”

Have a listen to ‘The Pelican Brief’ below:

Photo credits: James Heffernan