We’re delighted to present this exclusive premiere of the ‘Feathers’ EP, the latest from Galway musician and songwriter Roisin Lowry aka Lowli.

The EP is made up of 3 tracks – Feathers, which was previously released as a single in September 2018, and 2 new tracks, Fading and Colourless.

We asked Roisin to tell us a bit about the new release:

“‘Feathers’ is a collection of songs which were written over the past two years. They are filled with elements of defeat and dejection but also acceptance and optimism. The main instruments featured on the record are piano, vocals, strings and percussion.

‘Feathers’ is a song which reflects on a more naive and simple time in our lives. As we endure very difficult experiences, we often lose a part of ourselves in the process. This song is written about the feeling of contemplating how we used to feel prior to these experiences, during a more innocent time in our lives.

‘Fading’, is about knowing that something is coming to an end and serenely accepting it. The song describes the internal stages of acceptance and the journey it takes to get to that point. The track features prominent cello, vocals and piano.

‘Colourless’ depicts the realisation that often our most effortful actions and sacrifices we make can seem invisible to others. As a result, we are left feeling defeated and insecure. ‘Colourless’ will always hold a lot of meaning to me because I feel that it is one of the most honest songs I’ve ever written. The production on the song is quite minimal so the vocal and lyrics are left totally exposed.”

‘Feathers’ will be released across all digital platforms on February 15th 2019, with the official launch show taking place on Feb 23rd in BelloBar, Dublin.

Tickets are priced at €10 and are available on Eventbrite: http://bit.ly/2QIXXnd

Lowli – ‘Feathers’ EP

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