Whether it was your first time hearing Wyvern Lingo or your 70th , it was clear to all in attendance that it was going to be a special night. One central feeling of female empowerment swept through the air throughout.

Support on the night came in the form of the Barq, an agro-soul four-piece from Dublin, headed by the powerful voice of Jess Kav. The band got the crowd ready with a variety of treats in the form of ‘Gentle Kind of Lies’ and ‘Bear’ before enjoying the new single ‘Optimus Prime’. The band had the ability to send shivers down even the most rigid of spines.

Towards the end of their set, front woman Jess Kav added to the anticipation of the event by dedicating their final song, ‘Sassy Mouth’ to all of the “…amazing women in the Irish music industry”.

Fifteen minutes later, while the crowd discussed the power in Kav’s voice, the lights went down and a reverent hush fell across the room as the familiar and hypnotising harmonies from Wyvern Lingo began to sound out as the band walked through the crowd to take to the stage.

From the moment they began to play it was clear that the entire room was part of something communal and fabulously intimate. A nod to the intimate surroundings of The Grand Social which, on a sold-out night, only adds to the atmosphere.

The band gave a taste of what is to come in their upcoming and highly-anticipated sophomore album by playing, ‘Crawl’, which showcased each of their unique voices individually. On first listen, this track is sure to be a track we’ll be hearing much more of in the future.

The flow of the set-list and pace was masterfully done as Wyvern Lingo even had time to drop a slick cover of ‘Passionfruit’ from Drake.

Each song to follow was accentuated by a new atmospheric experience as the lights, mist and projected visuals drew the crowd in even closer.

All of these elements, coupled with the bands laid-back nature and crowd interaction on the night played a huge part in setting the mood for the evening.

‘I Love You Sadie’, the single that had us all in the room for its official launch exceeded all expectations. This track has seen the band pick up the most amount of air-play of any of their songs to date, and it’s easy to see why. The crowd exploded back to life as the night reached it’s zenith.

Despite Wyvern Lingo navigating a couple of image and sound changes – you get the feeling the band are gradually and naturally finding their place.