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After surviving the east coast west coast war of the nineties and not yet turning his attention to starring in family friendly movies, Snoop Dogg has managed to remain popular among old fans and new. Therefore, it was no surprise that when he took to the stage at The Academy, the crowds elation was ear piercing.

Share With Me proved that Snoop still has the power to hold his audience and rhyme as he has since 1992, heaving and swaying to the sultry tempo, bringing the entire venue with him.

Up next was his new single with Jason Derulo Wiggle, the catchy synthesizer parts was nicely accompanied with Snoops relaxed and groovy style, the accompaniment from the live drums made the song enjoyable. However, the song failed to really enchant the audience and caused a slight dip in the excitement of the night.

Snoop Dogg is a popular choice among modern pop stars as a featuring artist, he blasted into a melody of his hits with pop royalty such as Justin Timberlake and Katy Perry, once again reinforcing why he has been a mainstay for so many years, not missing a single beat and word perfect on each track.

Next Episode and Gin and Juice was a treat for fans old and new, along with his MC’s and live band of drums and keys, Snoop rapped his way through the iconic songs, each as lively and on point as the last. After all these years, Snoop still holds his unique talent that made him a household name, every line showing off his calm and laid back style.

Paying homage to his late peers Notorious BIG and Tupac Shakur, he heaved and swayed through hits such as Hypnotize, each second of the songs was filled with his one of a kind style, that is laced with his ice cool flow and lazy phrasing.

There is no doubt that Snoop Dogg gave the audience exactly what they want, playing the hits that they love and sharing his cool guy bravado that makes him so alluring.

Before saying goodbye Snoop dived into mega hit Drop It Like Its Hot, smooth and solid as he had been all night, making it the stand out song of the show. Who Am I? What’s My Name was the finale, this old school classic did not disappoint, Snoop Dogg completely on point, keeping it comfortable and spitting the sing along lyrics.

Snoop Dogg gave a completely unforgettable show, that will no doubt be resounding in the ears of the audience for weeks to come.

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