Sigrid at The Olympia Theatre, Dublin on November 1st 2018

Sigrid is an artist that has been steadily on the rise since she burst onto the scene last year with the irresistible Don’t Kill My Vibe. Her speedy ascent into pop stardom was no more apparent than on Monday night in the Olympia Theatre, where she played her second sold-out Irish show (she also sold-out out The Academy last March).

Having packed out the Electric Arena last September at Electric Picnic (to the extent that its inhabitants resembled squashes sardines), it came as no surprise to see the droves of excited youths in the theatre. What did come as a surprise was the number of children present in the audience (it was an all-ages show); children aged as young as 5 and 6 were dotted throughout the theatre accompanied by parents, who rivalled many of the older attendees in the levels of excitement as the Norway native walked on stage to the opening synths of Sucker Punch.

Despite her commercial success, Sigrid has compromised herself for no-one: the 22-year old dresses in her same signature uniform of blue jeans and plain t-shirt as she did one year ago. She makes acquaintances with every edge of the stage within the first three minutes of her arrival with an energy and zest that could fatigue any of us watching.

Sigrid’s band have become notably tighter since they were last in Ireland; the transitions from song to song are smooth and unhindered by technological issues that have affected them in the past. Backing vocalist Christina even earns herself a keen fan from the from the audience who seizes every opportunity to profess (roar) his affections – which gets tiresome after two or three songs.

Lesser known songs such as Schedules elicit a surprisingly positive response with the audience singing back lyrics, while fan favourites Fake Friends and Plot Twist render flurries of excitement throughout the crowd. High Five proves to be popular with the young kids and parents as they mimic the lyrics with appropriate hand gestures, “but high five is all you got”.

It’s the quieter moments of the set, however, that Sigrid really gets to showcase her stunning voice; I Don’t Want To Know and the gentle Dynamite sends waves of hushes throughout the venue and silences even the most prolific whisperers.

The singer takes on a more serious tone as she introduces a new, unreleased song Savages, explaining that it acknowledges the “crazy shit that’s happening in the world right now”. Accompanied only by piano until the final chorus, the song references the dangers and limitations of human nature with chilling charisma.

Sigrid ends the set on a high with War and the fantastic Strangers, which triggers such rigour from the audience that security guards around the venue look at a loss as what to do.

Popstars beware: Sigrid is here to stay and she’s setting the bar awfully high.