Meteor Live Sessions

The Meteor Live Sessions is an immense platform for Irish bands. Three up & comers plus a no brainer headline act (usually seen in a larger venue) are handpicked by Today FM’s Paul McCloone and his team. The event is then broadcast live on Paul’s show on Today FM. Personally, I love discovering new acts at nights like this. It’s unlikely you’ll enjoy all the sets but you might discover a new love.

First up was The Would Bes. The drummer was having the time of his life on stage. That’s not to discount the input from the rest of the band, playing with the energy and enthusiasm of a main stage festival band instead of the first on at an intimate gig. Just as well, as the audience listening at home could easily fill a main stage, glad to see they seemed to get that. Punchy vocals, hooky, sunny tunes and slick 1950s styling & attitude from the bassist and guitarist warmed up the small crowd nicely.

Next up was Deaf Joe. Deaf Joe’s music is on the mellow side, and deserves careful listening to be fully appreciated. I was worried that he might be a little lost with the noisy crowd. Luckily, they were respectful and hushed up to listen to him. A real bugbear of mine is people chatting loudly during quiet performances. Go outside, you’re spoiling it for the rest of us! Happily I didn’t have to do my granny ‘ssshhh!!’ once, as this Workman’s Club crowd have more cop on than that. He played a selection of tracks from his gorgeous album ‘Burrowings’. Which, incidentally, will come in handy over the next few months as it’s perfect for curling up and listening to on a cold, rainy afternoon. He finished up with a brave cover of The Beach Boys – God Only Knows.

Senakah weren’t my cup of tea. It just didn’t grab me and I’m not going to slate them based on that. I wasn’t feeling it, but in fairness, the crowd seemed to enjoy their set. Next up were our headliners, now two weeks ago Delorentos came to the rescue and stepped when Le Galaxie had to cancel last minute due to some lost equipment at Berlin Festival. Tonight, they finally got to play. As usual, they bounced on stage and kicked the crap out of their set. They only had a little over 20 minutes, but they used it wisely.

This band seem to have a knack of winning their crowd over with pure energy (energy, energy, wooh!*) every time. They started off with a room full of half fans singing along, half utterly confused faces. Just twenty minutes later, they had everyone bopping along and grinning like mad eejits. They just sold out two Christmas dates in The Workmans Club, but I don’t think they’ll be playing venues this size for much longer.

*reference joke! Seriously though, their incredible album Laserdisc Nights 2 is available for FREE at Trust me, you need it in your life!

Meteor Live Sessions snaps

Snaps by Colm Kelly