Heathers at The Academy, Dublin on September 29th 2012

Review: Greg Synnott
Photos: Abraham Tarrush 

My first ever introduction to the Heathers was some years ago, where they played a small scout den beside a garage in Greystones, one of their first ever gigs; they didn’t even get to play on stage, there was a technical fault so they set up against a different wall and played to an audience that reacted in very much the same fashion as the audience in The Academy did to the girls plus their two backing musicians making up the full band, simply with a look of awe.

The show was opened by Last Days of 1984 and Raglans, who both served to suitably warm up the crowd with upbeat and enjoyable sets. Raglans are only an EP deep and already looking a formidable live proposition. Taking to the stage shortly after nine, Heathers look confident, happy, and almost surprised at the size of the audience as they step into the lights of a packed out Academy. They quickly jump right into one of their new songs, the opening track on their new album Kingdom, ‘Circular Road’. The crowd is already singing along, a room full of energy that the girls are feeding off.

‘Kingdom’ was only released recently, but the album is clearly a staple of this crowds musical diet. They lap up every track and sing it back at the girls. Six tracks into their set, consisting entirely of new material, the girls got nostalgic. With their drummer and guitarist stepping off stage, the girls jump right into ‘Remember When’, a fan favourite made clear from the roaring sing along it brings out in the crowd.

We Burn Bridges’ plays out beautifully from the piano, following two more tracks from their début before the girls dive into an incredibly well received version of Lana Del Rey’s Summertime Sadness.

This show proved that Heathers new album was not just a step in the right direction, but a step towards musical maturity. They bring that masterfully to the stage straight off the album. Harmonies abound, there are moments where the girls go solo vocally and show that what made them so popular before is something they can step away from now.

Heathers live sound is one that cannot be truly captured in an album, you must go witness it live, as much for their music as the crowds energy. Heathers continue their tour of Ireland with a gig in Cyprus Avenue, Cork on 04 October 2012. The Set Theatre in Kilkenny on October 5th and Roisin Dubh in Galway on October 6th. We can’t recommend a trip to see them highly enough.

Heathers Photo Gallery

Photos: Abraham Tarrush

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