The Overtones at The Olympia Theatre, Dublin on February 18th 2014-01-banner
The Overtones – Saturday Night At The Movies Tour at The Olympia Theatre, Dublin on Tuesday February 18th.

Charismatic, flamboyant and dapper are just a few words that describe the five-piece male a cappella group, The Overtones. Currently touring their third album ‘Saturday Night at the Movies’, the group have established a large following of self-confessed ‘Toners’  and here, in the Olympia Theatre, it’s not just the tight harmonies that have impulsive women dominating the audience tonight. Si Craunstoun, warms up the crowd with his full, soulful vocals and ability to entertain. Shout Out proves popular as excitement builds in the theatre.

Considering the theme of The Overtones latest release, it’s no surprise that the show opens with the Twentieth Century Fox Theme Tune before the ensemble are given more than a generous welcome when they appear on stage in dazzling blue blazers. Runaway proves to be a crowd pleaser. By the time the chorus arrives, the group’s unique appeal and rich harmonies are resonating through the theatre. Here, Lachie Chapman shines. His powerful baritone voice is no doubt one of the main reasons for The Overtones’ distinctive sound. Pretty Woman continues the selection from their latest release.

By the time Teenager in Love comes around, it’s Cork’s Timmy Matley’s time to steal the limelight. His pure tone shines above his band mates contribution, adding to the naivety of the song. Their medley from the Jungle Book not only gets the crowd singing along but exposes these men’s ability to dance. This, combined with their shameless flirting with the many audience members, makes the fellows even more appealing to their audience.

The flirtatious theme continues with lines like ‘Can you see my nipples through this shirt?’ being tossed from the stage. When the group re-enter the theatre through the crowd after a quick costume change, they spend the majority of It Had To Be You untangling themselves from courageous fans and trying to find a clear path back to the stage.

The group revisit their roots by performing The Longest Time, a song probably known even to those who haven’t quite converted to The Overtones’ musical style yet. The highlight of the evening came in the form of Daft Punk’s Get Lucky. Not appearing on any of the bands releases, the cover is one of many chart songs the ensemble produce for their strong online following.

The group’s impressive harmonies please even reluctant onlookers as the singing and dancing from the stalls reaches its apex. Although the ensemble’s big hits come in the form of covers, mingled amongst The Overtones’ albums are many original tracks. Tonight Gambling Man is particularly infectious.

Whether it was doing the mash potato to Shake A Tail Feather or sharing in the intimacy of Moon River, The Overtones really deliver to their fans. At just over an hour, there was a definite air of disappointment that the group didn’t offer more of their hits – but what was received definitely satisfied.

Overall, the group showed off not only their vocal talent but their ability as entertainers. With even the more reserved members of the audience gradually rising to their feet as the show went on, there’s no doubt they won over a few more ‘Toners’ along the way.

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