Nile Rodgers & Chic at Malahide Castle Dublin, 16th June 2018

It’s another gorgeous evening at Malahide Castle which has been host to an array of musical talent for almost two weeks now. The crowd are warmed by the sun, flowing alcohol and Craig David, who delivers a pleasantly surprising set laced with infectious pop melodies. He has a humbling on-stage spark and a glistening smile that has sweetened the crowd right up just in time for Nile Rodgers and Chic to surf that wave of demand.

Rodgers, now in his 65th year, which need we remind ourselves is the age of retirement in this country, and yet here he is wearing more sequins than some of his famous collaborators, chucking away on the Hitmaker, still on a 42 year journey with Chic.

He begins by requesting a moments silence for a young Dubliner Alex, who was recently diagnosed with cancer. Rodgers being a survivor himself, is never shy about his passion and gratitude for life.

The silence comes to an end as the opening sound of Everybody Dance floods the grounds and the full Chic ensemble take the stage. Transporting us back to the ’70s with their first few songs before delving deeper in to Rodgers’ back catalogue collaborations with artists such as Madonna, Bowie and Diana Ross, their set is embellished with slick choreography, impressive solos, undeniable grooves and welcomed nostalgia.

The nine-piece band create a feel-good atmosphere and sound that’s all the best parts of disco. Kimberly Davis on lead vocals steals the limelight regularly while Jerry Barnes emerges sporadically, all in white, like an angel delivered from the gods of bass guitar. In all their glory, it’s easy to consider this line up as one of the best currently touring.

The setlist quickly becomes a conveyor belt of hits and Chic are more than happy to facilitate this flow of classics, rarely ever pausing and leading each in to the next seamlessly. Their legacy is undeniable as they power through Chic Cheer, Let’s Dance and Le Freak before finally arriving at Good Times.

For the finale, they are joined on stage by a crowd of people taking selfies, mirroring our own dance moves and belting out their appreciation for the musical greatness that is Chic. Wanting nothing more than to spread as much love as he can, Rodgers waves and blows kisses as he teases out the end. The evening was perfectly crafted for the utmost enjoyment and perfectly timed to leave us forever wanting more.