New Secret WeaponAfter a seven year wait and a down to the wire fundit campaign, it was no surprise that New Secret Weapon fans were noticeably ecstatic as they waited for the band to take the stage at The Button Factory to celebrate the launch of their self titled début album. With the support acts Phazam Haze, Val Normal and Tongue Bundle doing their best to entertain the crowd, it was clear all they wanted was the main event.

After a rapturous applause and ear piercing screams usually only heard from overly excited teenage girls, The Freak nicely displayed what New Secret Weapon are all about, with hard rock undertones and rough and ready vocals. The scene was set and the band already had a lot to live up to.

Blasting into the first single off the newly released record, Look At The State Of It showcased how musically together this three piece really are. The lead guitar riff was hypnotic and backed up by thunderous drums and flamboyant bass lines, each note as riveting as the one before.

You’re Still Losin’  really showcased how much New Secret Weapon enjoy playing together, highlighting their tightness and bond as musicians. Lead singer David Griffin’s vocals were flawless the whole way through the relaxed and classy number. The audience and the band heaved and swayed with the seductive melody, making it one of the gigs most memorable moments.

Wild One slowed things down even more, the psychedelic guitar riffs fastened with drummer Trevor Keogh’s  weighing drums and ample bass from Mark O’Connor.

After the slow moving tempo and swinging bass of the previous track, I Draw Fire Watch provided yet more face melting guitar  and seasoned vocals. The intoxicating melody was perfectly matched with the fast paced drum and bass. New Secret Weapon pumping in every bit of energy they had, and still showed no sign of slowing down.

It is the stuff of dreams to witness a band with only three members that can make the noise of a much bigger outfit. In front of a packed Button Factory the trio seem to be in no way phased by the attention, concentrating on putting on the best show they possibly could.

After their goodbyes and thank you’s, they obliged the crowd who clearly wanted more. Fan favourite Tea Party laced with yet more authentic rock n roll, complimented with the resounding chorus making it almost impossible not to sing along. During the encore each song just blended into the next, the gig lost some focus and structure and lost some of the energy that made the showcase so memorable, a small price to pay for such an unblemished show.

Upon finishing the collage of songs, the band shared their appreciation of the attentive crowd and promised that after the long wait for the first record there would be more to come in the near future.  New Secret Weapon showed that they are extremely accomplished musicians and all the way through the gig each song was given the attention to detail it most definitely deserve.