With two shows rescheduled in Dublin in the past year, it seemed obvious that MØ was eager to gain redemption. She undoubtedly succeeded, with the audience reacting as if a bomb had dropped.

The intervening months have obviously seen MØ polish her live shows to near perfection as she’s capable of altering the mood in the room with a well-placed drop or dance-move.

The atmosphere was set by Belfast band Go Wolf, who opened for MØ. They provide a smooth transition for any sceptics playing keyboard rock with ‘80s nostalgia in the same vein as Twin Shadow.

MØ has had a pretty good 2014 so far with the release of her first album, No Mythologies to Follow, seeing her tour Europe and the US, while also collaborating with ubiquitous Australian Iggy Azalea. The Academy may not be the icing on the cake but her show is indicative of the assurance that widespread acclaim has brought.

Within the time it takes to play the first two songs, the crowd are staring towards the stage and moving in close synchronisation. XXX feels like a premature encore as no-one wants the music to stop, the crowd singing along in appreciation.

In an outfit that she could’ve worn to the gym, MØ bounces around the stage, alternately propping herself on the edge of the drummer’s podium and flying through the air. Her band stand mostly static as they play, reminding me of an 80’s Pop act like Wham or Duran Duran.

At times it’s easy to forget how strong MØ’s vocals are, though a reminder comes halfway through the show as the stage empties of anyone but her while she sings Elliphant. It’s an odd tack to take as the mood turns drastically, but it ends up as a brief interlude with the energy returning in stronger force than before.

During Never Wanna Know, MØ jumps into the crowd, ascends the stairs and sings from the balcony. Her allure is pretty obvious as the crowd turn face and crane their necks to watch her. Walk This Way starts as she moves back into the crowd. She makes a brief sojourn so as to sing in the midst of the audience, keeping rhythm as body’s mill around her.

MØ’s cover of The Spice Girls’ Say You’ll Be There is the surprise of the night. Returning for an encore, the Electro update of the pop classic sounds quirky and original, while also summoning plenty of nostalgia.

The night ends on a high-note as Glass pumps energy back into an appreciative crowd who have to step back into the cold evening.

It might have been a long time coming but in the end it was miles from disappointing. The combination of MØ’s exuberance and the disappointment of her previous absences came together to create something great; an atmosphere of total contentment.