The general vibe in The Green Room in The Academy tonight can be summed up in one word: Loud. Very, very loud. Vulpynes open up the night, true to form. The garage rock duo demonstrate their raucous and gritty talents, not letting some struggles with the sound dampen their spirits.

Then, for their first ever time in Dublin, Marmozets take to the stage. After having to previously reschedule the show due to illness, the quintet more than made up for it with their energetic and dynamic performance.

With the anthemic style of Meant To Be early in the set, the bar is set very high for the show. Something that stands out throughout the show is Becca MacIntyre’s vocals, seamlessly shifting between singing and screaming. Aside from that, Josh MacIntyre also impresses, for a drummer to consistently grab one’s attention is a powerful feat. His stage presence and showmanship is a constant source of entertainment, without any impairment to his musical abilities.

Marmozet’s second album ‘Knowing What You Know Now’ was released in January of this year, but they manage to have an ideal mixture between old and new material. With songs from the new album such as Like A Battery showcasing MacIntyre’s powerful vocals and the bands evolution, whilst pleasing older fans with the likes of Captivate You, there is something for everyone.

As the set progresses, the atmosphere is only enhanced by the band’s personalities shining through. Nerves obviously turning into enjoyment, the band become more personable and engaging as the show progresses. With funny anecdotes, the conversation between the band is both endearing and funny.

For their first time in the city, tonight’s show left little doubt that the next time Marmozets come through, it will not be in such an intimate venue. Their impressive set showed their talent and their ability to master the stage, with the catalogue of tracks to back it up. Having been a band for 11 years, there is a clear sense of harmony and experience which leads to a smooth performance from beginning to end.