Kodaline at The Button Factory on the 2nd of December 2012

A typically drizzly night welcomed Dublin’s favourite foursome, Kodaline, on their return home with a performance in a sold out Button Factory.

What appeared a relatively young crowd, a group of vocally eager girls yearned to know which of the band were single, when swiftly the Kodaline boys turned up. Donned in black they immediately got hips swaying with the slightly whacky intro and verse to Lose Your Mind. Singer Steven beat the tambourine off his chest like a tribesman, while all members then sprang into the wonderfully epic chorus, together with the mass in attendance. Glorious harmonies dwelled in the air while guitarist Mark created clarity and space among the soothing madness.

Hi, we’re a band called Kodaline,” singer Steve amusingly points out to a crowd who include fans, friends and even previous teachers. Guitarist Mark swaps to his keyboard and the band keep things stirring with Pray. The crowd reacts with motion to the relentless build-up by drummer Vinny, the engine of the band, and lingering vocals from Mark and bassist, Jason.

The popular Perfect World filled the venue with a sense of hindsight and wonder amid the audiences’ hefty contribution for the chorus “in a perfect world.” Enchanting ballroom lights spun high above, illuminating veiled corners, and complimenting those couples not afraid to sway together.

Encouraging the audience to take footage, the band claimed they may use some of it for future videos. And after an onslaught of phone snaps, Steven introduced some new material from the upcoming EP due for release in March. High Hopes stands out as a possible hit song while another had folk elements such as mandolin and harmonica, creating a more upbeat feel and contemporary sound.

The highlight of the evening arrived with the resurgence of an old track, It All Comes Down To You, a song that has been giving a new lease of life by the band in the last few months. Through its quaint piano intro, marching drums, roaring reverberated guitar, unquestionably-catchy chorus and unforgettable vocal; the crowd inside the Button Factory was blessed to witness a pre-historic version of a relic hit. And boy did they love it.

Another highlight immediately followed with All I Want, from this years’ ‘Kodaline’ EP. Although somber at first, All I Want delivers one of the best sing-along hooks worthy of an evening at Glastonbury. Washed in flashing light, guitarist Mark controls the duty of the notably emotional climax to the song’s pinnacle.

Time yet for an encore, which unfortunately was a slow and casual finish to what had been a perpetual build from the beginning. The lads said farewell with The Answer, followed by a pride-filled applause from the assembly. Let us be in no doubt, Kodaline are set to explode in 2013.


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Photos by Abe Tarrush