Despite the distraction of a certain All-Ireland hurling semi-final Sunday promised plenty of musical goodness at Indiependence and it did not disappoint.

It was down to Pale Rivers to kick off the day’s proceedings in the IMRO Big Top with their high quality indie moodiness, their sound would have been better suited to a dusky evening rather that the bright glare of a sunny afternoon but it’s still a worthy performance.

1000 Beasts have released some top notch singles in the past year so it was interesting to see them live, their set is akin to an audio juggling act with Cian Sweeney keeping various musical elements spinning to impressive effect even if the lack of a vocalist is a little off-putting.

Katie Laffan and her band delight with their indie-pop positivity although they would have been better suited to one of the other stages rather than the Heineken Live stage.

No such issues for Áine Cahill whose superb vocal talents fill the Main Stage delivering a wonderful performance with Black Dahlia and her new single Beauty is a Lie highlights along with her highly engaging stage presence that just demands stardom.

The Urban Village hosted some gems over the weekend and one of the brightest is Cork’s Shookrah with Senita and Imelda providing gorgeous, soulful harmonies. They are followed by Outsider Yp whose three MCs burst with infectious energy and make for a really enjoyable show.

And yes there are international acts at Indiependance too, including Cast one of the bands who were one of the mid-table acts during Britpop’s hay day. Upbeat and effusive they plug away and bring a bit of welcome nostalgia to Mitchelstown with tracks such as Walkaway and Fine Time pleasing what is easily the most mature crowd of the weekend.

Back over at the IMRO Big Top Le Boom are in exceptional form and have the tent bouncing with their kinetic electro vibes. Chris and Aimie play off each other brilliantly coaxing the crowd to keep up with their pulsating efforts which they are only to willing to do.

Headlining the Main Stage is the legends that are Primal Scream, however the performance is far from legendary as Bobby Gillespie and his support players almost sleep walk through all the hits you’d expect, only really coming to life with the always potent Swastika Eyes. What is particularly disappointing is the lack of a backing singer instead we get a tape backing vocal which is a cheap cop out for a band whose fans deserve better than that.

It’s a good job then that the ever dependable Le Galaxie are on hand to deliver an uplifting climax to Indiependence 2018. Over the years they have proven themselves to be the ultimate festival act and here they are it again. The permanent addition of May Kay really adds to the live show as she is the perfect balance to Michael as the focal point of their performance. Can’t Stop and Day of the Child from their latest album ‘Pleasure’ work really well in the live arena whilst setlist standards Love System, Le Club and the night’s highlight Heat City have the packed tent pumping.

And so concludes another superb Indiependence with the Jurassic Park theme tune ringing out in to the Mitchelstown night sky.