A nice summer July evening saw legions of fans flock to the 3arena to see living legend Frankie Valli perform in Ireland for the first time in over twenty years. You could taste the excitement as the lights lowered and the 81 year old original jersey boy walked onto the stage, with a friendly smile and welcoming wave, followed by a full brass section, bass and guitar players.

The opening track, Grease was sung note perfect by Frankie and the latest incarnation of The Four Seasons, who resemble a band of Michael Buble lookalikes. Within moments, Valli proved he still had it and the brass sections got straight into the groove. The crowd were his for the taking.

Crowd favorite Beggin’ firmly cemented the band’s tightness, complete with the suave moves that made the Four Seasons the musical legacy they are today.

My Eyes Adored You, however, displayed some weaknesses in Frankie’s voice, that not even the energy of The Four Seasons could make up for. A mix of covers from the 1960’s such as My Girl, also showed some slight fatigue in Frankie’s voice. As they left the stage for a twenty minute break, the night could have gone either way.

After the break, Frankie emerged back on stage looking slightly more energetic. At this point Frankie started to resemble the performer he had been at the start of the show, really connecting with the front rows as he delivered the classics. Working My Way Back was one of the shows highlights, his voice once again almost flawless before the well-drilled band.

Each song as catchy as the last, this served to remind the crowd why Valli and his band have been so popular for decades. Meaningful lyrics, catchy riffs, each track painting a collage of memories for the audience, who could well have fallen in love and had their hearts broken to most of the night’s set list.

Oh What A Night, was yet another tasty performance. Lines of fans gathered at the front of the stage, coming from all over the venue, like moths to the flame. Frankie danced  with The Four Seasons, slightly stiff and out of time, one of the defining characteristics that helped him remain timeless.

Although, his trademark falsetto voice is lacking in the power it once had, Frankie is still a world class singer who  loves to perform. Tonight gives a sense that he is not there for money and glory, but rather for him and the fans that have been so loyal.