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It had been six years since veteran hipsters Deacon Blue last played Dublin when they took to the stage of the Olympia Theatre and it was clear that their loyal cult following were ecstatic that the long wait was finally over.  Front man Ricky Ross took a wide look around the theatre before blasting into Laura From Memory a new fan favourite from the bands latest album ‘The Hipsters’. The biggest reaction from the crowd came when Deacon Blue treated their ears to golden oldie Raintown, it was clear that the band were still well capable of giving a world class live performance, and  from the get go it could be seen, heard and felt how much they still enjoy being on stage together, even after twenty five jam packed years.

There was yet more elation in the theatre as the country inspired opening cords of Chocolate Girl were heard, as one of the bands biggest hits, it was always going to be a highlight of the show. But with Ricky Ross and backing vocalist Lorraine McIntosh still being on top of their game, it was even more epic than anyone could of anticipated.

Ross took some time to talk to the attentive listeners, commenting on how well and young they looked and jokingly suggesting they should give him the same compliment in return. This was followed by a touching tribute to late guitarist Graeme Kelling, with The Outsider being dedicated to his memory, another highlight for die heart fans.

The some what sombre mood was lifted when chart topper Real Gone Kid was played for the crowds listening pleasure, the infectious chorus was repeated from all corners of the theatre as everyone rose to their feet. The strength and vitality that was shown throughout the performance, proved that Deacon Blues songs really have stood the test of time and are still as news worthy now as they were during the late 80’s and early 90’s when the band was at the height of their success.

Up next was Loaded, with yet another memorable chorus the crowd was poised to sing a long. More flawless harmonies from Ross and McIntosh further cemented the bands ability to still hold an audience in the palm of their hands.

As Rick Ross said goodbye to the crowd and thanked them for an amazing night the disappointment that filled the venue was undeniable, he left the stage accompanied by his band mates, but after chants and pleads from the fans, they came back for one last treat. I’ll Never Fall In Love Again was to be the first song of the lengthy encore. Dignity was the most notable song of the night, as the bands biggest hit, the crowd couldn’t contain themselves, as the roof was raised off the Olympia Theatre. There was still more as the band dived into a mash up of Th Beatles songs, with a few other hits such as Hey Baby thrown in for good measure. The audience was mesmerised and content with what had been an astonishing performance.

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Photos: Shaun Neary