Daft FunkSince the release of Daft Punks latest album Random Access Memories this year , the band have enjoyed a new surge of ground breaking success, bringing with it a host of new fans who missed the Daft Punk train the first time around. Since there is currently no sign of Daft Punk touring any time soon, or even if they ever will again, Daft Funk are here to ease our cravings for the real thing.

The Academy was packed with a wide range of ages, the Get Lucky newbies and the more seasoned Digital Love die hearts. When Daft Funk took to the stage the excitement in the venue was something truly incredible, complete with robot masks and gloves, it was almost like the genuine article was in front of their very eyes.

The show kicked off with mega hit Da Funk to the already giddy audience, made even more popular by the unique twist that Daft Funk put on the tune, giving it there very own stamp, and even throwing in speckles of Pharrell William’s vocals on the song of the summer Get Lucky.

Up next there was a treat from ‘Random Access Memories’, with the latest single from the album Lose Yourself to Dance, the crowd settled somewhat and enjoyed the mellowness of the disco-esque song. This calm didn’t last long and the audience erupted again and Daft Funk slowly slid it to big time fan favourite Robot Rock.
The energy from the crowd made The Academy feel like a sold out stadium, the perfect mix of chart toppers from Daft Punks extensive back catalogue blended with Daft Funks stamp of freshness made this gig a highlight for fans old and new.

Just when it seemed the party had reached a highlight, the talented DJ’s mixed and scratched their way through an array of hits such as Around the World, Harder Better Faster Stronger and Technologic. The mood chilled for pop dance favourite Digital Love, which was well received, before the pace picked up again for the bands mega hit with ‘Stardust’ The Music Sounds Better With YouGet Lucky gave the crowd a well needed break from raving,, until hints of One More Time  made the energy of the room soar.

Daft Funk are certainly a must see for any Daft Punk fan, or anyone that appreciates a good party. Such an iconic act is very hard to imitate but these guys are doing a top notch job, all the while giving oldies a new twist to help spice it up a bit.

It may not be quite Daft Punk in their hay day, but for now it seems to be the closest you can get in Dublin on a Saturday night.