Brand New at Vicar Street, Dublin, Tuesday 22 September 2015 

The long awaited return of New York’s Brand New was everything you could be expected, and so much more. With their last album ‘Daisy’ released in 2009, the pure dedication and excitement of the fans shows from the minute the doors of Vicar Street open is pretty impressive. In a world where people’s attention spans are shorter than ever – and if a band aren’t constantly active, people seem to lose interest – fans are still as excited as ever for whatever Brand New are going to offer.

Opening the night are English rockers Basement who (after a two year long hiatus) are back but unfortunately not stronger than ever. Andrew Fisher’s vocals have definitely seen better days. At times the rough, harsh voice is genuinely just shouting and borders on painful to listen to (if only because it really seems like he’s hurting himself).

There may be some moments where his vocals are truly impressive, but it’s the lack of consistency that creates a problem. That being said, what Basement lack in quality they certainly make up for with energy and their stage presence.

In a move that may have something to do with making up for a long absence Brand New showcase the best they have to offer.  Their set is filled with songs old and new. Technically, it’s very hard to fault the band. They have (and have had for years) an extra drummer on stage with them, and time after time the impeccably synchronised drummers’ skills impress – completely stealing the show more than once.

At no point in the set is there any kind of a lull. Brand New keep it exciting by mixing up tempos and style, slowing down for a bit and then kicking straight back into the full on aggressive and loud numbers.

Crowd surfing, mosh pits and a deafening crowd could sum up tonight’s show. Brand New have the songs and talent to merit the amount of excitement for their return to Dublin, and they left tonight’s audience hoping that it won’t take them so long to come back next time.