After 6 years and numerous stations The Irish Jam sadly came to an end at the weekend after 167 episodes. The importance of The Irish Jam in introducing Irish music to the UK market across those 6 years cannot be overstated. The Irish Jam built a small but loyal fanbase, particularly amongst DJs in the UK and regularly attracted some of the most knowledgable music people in Ireland and the UK as guests.

Presenters Niall, Mel, Rob and Kealan gave countless Irish acts their first airplay in the UK and often went above and beyond to circulate Irish music within their own days job in various media outlets in London. This arm twisting has resulted in countless plays on bigger stations and London venues booking Irish acts to play shows.

The Irish music scene has lost one of its best assets in London but we know that the guys will continue to twist arms as only Irish people can and we would like to wish them well in their future endeavours.