On this week’s Totally Irish with John Barker, Irish rapper Nealo drops by with a bag of good vibes.

This week’s Totally Irish Tip of the Week in association with GoldenPlec is Strabe. Little information exists online about who exactly Strabe is, other than they’re a 21-year-old producer who produces and releases music from their bedroom somewhere in Ireland. They released their track Acid Love at the end of last year.

Acid Love is a dreamy disco synthpop tune that serves as a sparkling, sun drenched summer jam. From it’s driving drum beat to the 80s synths on the chorus, the track bounces along with echos of Goldfrapp, Groovejet and even Donna Summer. From start to finish Acid Love classifies as a 100% pure bop.

Strabe has said in an online profile that they’re currently working on an album called ‘Juvenoia’. They have released three other tracks this year in SoundCloud that demonstrate a dynamism and diversity of sound that also carry that dark, dreamy disco thread. Hopefully we hear more from Strabe in the next few months.

Also on this week’s show music from The Murder Capital, Villagers, Chancer, Alarmist, Gadget and the cloud and much more besides.