Welcome to episode 7 (21/4/19) of the Mabcast where Dylan Murphy links up with arguably the hottest commodity in the Northern Irish hip hop scene,  Leo Miyagee.   

Leo is unquestionably one of the trailblazers in the relatively primitive Northern Irish hip hop scene. With more than 6 year’s experience in music scene under his belt, the Zimbabwe born, Belfast based mc reflects on his trials and tribulations thus far. Hot off the back of his exceptional new album ‘FFDLC’, Leo discusses the the practical difficulties of remaining independent and the enormous workload’s effect on one’s mental health. 

Leo admittedly professes his stance as a hip hop purest and demonstrates his passion throughout this insightful episode not only for his own music, but the output of others.  Highlighting the importance of supporting others within the same arena and importance of events such as ANOMALY for organic growth of a music scene.

One of the most candid episodes yet, lock in.