Following on from the viral popularity of The Kids Are All Rebels, Lenii has once again embraced her online fandom and fast-tracked the release of new single White Lie, the first verse of which has amassed over one million views on TikTok.

The full track reflects on the moral exceptionalism of the Catholic Church, with Lenii questioning her position as a so-called “sinful” woman and ultimately rejecting the construct completely, “baby some might call this sin so take me down to Hell with a smile / It’s a little bigger than a white lie”.

Lenii’s haunting vocals are layered to mimic a church chorus, complete with a refrain of “Amen”s  repurposed to bolster a message of her own. Tongue-in-cheek and complete with a brooding danceable synth, White Lie is a strong start to 2021 for Lenii. Read our Plec Picks 2021 feature on Lenii – here