Co. Down musician Ruairí Richman, also known as Lemondade Shoelace was raised on the psychedelic sounds of The Flaming Lips – and on Autopilot Paradise the 23-year-old approaches his own music with the same sense of sunny optimism as Coyne and Co. 

Recorded at his home studio in Newcastle, County Down, Autopilot Paradise is a relentlessly uplifting summer jam built hazy synth pads and a driving bassline that underpin Richman’s dreamy vocals – drenched in reverb and echo as he delivers the hooks’ memorable pop melody.

The video for the track is suitably saturated to match the bright sounds Richman presents – focusing on the singer travelling around his hometown via car, bike and skateboard rendered in eye catchingly vibrant colour.

Watch the video for ‘Autopilot Paradise’ below:

“I met the director/cameraman Zacc through Pete Close, who’s driving his cool yellow convertible in the video and plays bass for the Lemonade Shoelace live band” says Richman.

“From the start, I knew I wanted a video full of colour, but filmed and edited in a retro aesthetic. I had a lot of wacky ideas that I threw at Zacc, but since we had no budget at all we had to think outside the box and be creative with what we could get our hands on.

“The song itself is produced in a modern yet vintage vibe so we wanted to translate that to the video too.”

Stream ‘Autopilot Paradise’ below: