A series of hybrid live and livestream gigs will take place across five nights in September at Drop Dead Twice. The events will strictly adhere to all HSE guidelines and have been given the go-ahead by the relevant authorities.

These hybrid gigs will be lightly attended (40 people) and each show will be professionally live streamed using a multi-camera set-up, bringing the live experience to viewers at home.

Artists playing the shows include Dublin rap legend Lethal Dialect, JYellowL Bicurious, Blackbird and Crow, Modern Love, Vernon Jane and Vulpynes.

‘Laters with Griff…’ will be hosted in a table-service only environment by David Griffin (A.K.A. Griff), best-known as one of the founders of Knockanstockan and the frontman of Dublin band New Secret Weapon. Griff has been putting on shows for most of his life and wants to use this opportunity to draw attention to the importance of restoring the capacity for skilled technicians and artists to do their jobs in safe and controlled environments.

“The motives behind producing this series of shows is to begin a narrative to restore the capacity for skilled technicians and artists to engage in their vocations in a safe and controlled environment within the regulations and parameters set out by our health officials and Government,” he says. “As well as moving towards providing income for our decimated entertainment industry. We, along with so many people in the music and live events industries, are constantly innovating in this ever-changing climate that seems to move its goal posts every time we take a shot at restoration of the arts community. Laters with Griff… will be co-hosted by actor, poet and spoken word artist Emmet O’Brien.

Tickets for each act will be sold separately and strictly limited 40 to per sitting.

Attendees are kindly requested to arrive at their scheduled time, as admittance to the venue will not be possible until then.

There will be a one way system in place for entering and exiting the venue.

Covid tracing measures and hygiene kits on each table.

“Not only is the safety of staff and customers of utmost importance to us, but so is the opportunity we have to show that live music can be enjoyed responsibly and without breaking the law or putting anyone’s health at risk,” says Griff.

‘Laters with Griff…’ lightly-attended gigs will take place on September 18th, 19th, 24th, 25th and 26th.

Artists playing the shows are: Bicurious, Blackbird and Crow, Blue Fish Diamond, Chris Kabs, Contour, Dubh Lee, Dublin City Rounders, Emily 7, Fanacanta, Funkulele, Gaolbyrd, God Creative, Jaxson, JyellowL, Kieran Mulvihill, Lethal Dialect, Marcas Carcass And The Trail Gang, Modern Love, New Valley Wolves, The Last Vinci, TYG, Vernon Jane, Vulpynes, Witch Trials.

Details of each show can be found below witch ticket details at the bottom of the page.

Sept 18:

Blue Fish Diamond
Dubh Lee
Emily 7
The Last Vinci

Sept 19:

Blackbird and Crow
New Valley Wolves

Sept 24:

Markas Carkas And The Trail Gang
Dublin City Rounders
Lethal Dialect
Kieran Mulvihill

Sept 25:

Witch Trials
Chris Kabs
God Creative

Sept 26:

Vernon Jane
Modern Love
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Tickets €16.50 on sale now – here.