Ahead of the release of KTG‘s debut mini-album ‘Searching For Magpies’ on September 26th, we are delighted to premiere the record’s opening track Don’t Tell My Mother. Reminiscent of the likes of Laura Marling and Julia Jacklin, KTG, real name Katie Gallagher, the track combines pop and folk sensibilities to create something really worth paying attention to.

“This song was all based around the idea of going back to someone and the naivety of second chances,” said KTG about Don’t Tell My Mother.

“You cried, you got angry, you ate your entire body weight or, if you’re like me, you didn’t have an appetite at all. Yet, you find yourself, months later, in the same old car, parked in the same old spot, talking for hours to a person you don’t even recognise anymore.

“One could say that it’s the soundtrack for a girl who simply loves and hopes for better. A sense of false optimism that us Libras specialise in.”