Fresh from the success of ‘Shmelly’ and his spectacular Colors session earlier this year, Kojaque is back with ‘Coming Up’, a track about finally standing up to a bully at a house party and the feelings, both positive and negative that such an experience brings to the surface.

‘Coming Up’ was, explains Kojaque: “Written after I’d come home from a party like last year. This dude who used to bully me in school was there and I remember him being a dickhead at the party. I could never stand up to him when I was a kid but I stood up to him that night, I think it took him by surprise and I remember being so pissed off because I let it effect me, it felt like being 15 again. It’s the sort of feeling that makes you wanna give up, but I snapped out of it and thought, no fuck that, I won’t let it affect me, I’m not a kid anymore. And I wrote ‘Coming Up’ that night. I think the tune was an effort to shake that feeling, it was kind of a fuck you.”

‘Coming Up’ is the second glimpse into Kojaque’s upcoming debut album, having previously released the Choice Music Prize nominated concept tape ‘Deli Daydreams’. As you’d expect, the video for ‘Coming Up’ is another high-end affair.

Commencing with Kojaque in a bloodied state in the back of a sports car, before taking a trip with the help of some high grade pharmaceuticals. ‘Coming Up’ finishes off a fruitful year for the Soft Boy main-man who has also produced tracks for April and the NiNE8 Collective.