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Knockanstockan 2014

DateFriday 25th July to Saturday 26th 2014LocationBlessington Lakes, Co. Wicklow, Ireland
Tickets€75 via

Knockanstockan Festival 2014 takes place in the lovely surrounds of Blessington. Located in Wicklow overlooking Blessington Lakes, over two days some of Ireland’s greatest bands and entertainers will congregate as a collective to put on a show as never seen before on these shores. Still holding true to its original ethos it is a barrier-free, open and very welcoming festival.

It’s one of the biggest showcases for rising Irish artists and has featured a lot of act we have supported on our Coast to Coast: Tea and Toast events and Plec Picks, we imagine this year will be no different. So we can vouch for a lot of the talent on the lineups each year.

Knockanstockan Festival 2014 lineup

Faerie Field – Hosted by GoldenPlec

11:30-01:00Tucan11:30-01:00Booka Brass Band
10:30Leading Armies10:30Zaska
9:30Tandem Felix9:30In Their Thousands
8:30Cold Comfort8:30Wyvern Lingo
7:30Conor Linnie7:30I Draw Slow
6:30Come On Live Long6:30Kicking Bird
5:30Liza Flume5:30Betty Swing Machine
4:30Aint St John4:30Twin Headed Wolf
3:30The Ragmen
2:30Ryan O Shaughnessy
12:30Sarah Red
11:30Arrow In The Sky

Grabbers Cottage

11:30-01:00New Secret Weapon11:30-01:00Land Of The Giants
10:30Mutefish10:30The Hot Sprockets
9:30Enemies9:30The Eskies
8:30The Altered Hours8:30The Barley Mob
7:30The Vincents7:30Fox Jaw
6:30Hip Neck Blues Collective6:30White Chalk
5:30Crow Black Chicken5:30Wood Burning Savages
4:30The Shaker Hymn4:30Land Lovers
3:30The Magpies
2:30O Emperor
1:30Cult Called Man
12:30Franko Franko

Circus Tent – Hosted by Dimestore

11:30-01:00MeltyBrains?11:30-01:00Overhead, The Albatross
10:30Hector Bizerk10:30Sounds Of System Breakdown
9:30Cocaine Ponytail9:30Wob!
8:30Lowlek8:30Hot Colossus
7:30Tongue Bundle7:30The Revellions
6:30Val Normal6:30Bagels
5:30Travis Oaks5:30Punch Face Champions
4:30Phazam Haze
3:30Vernon Jane
1:30Elastic Sleep
12:30The Yips
11:30Million Little Gods
10:30Clive Edgar Bryce

Wishbone Stage

00:30-CloseDJ Neglige11:30-01:00Wishbone DJs
11:30The Dirty Circus10:30Loq Hip Hop
10:30Suadela Belly Dance9:50Bob Glynn
9:30Henry Human and Aileeen Dancer9:10Markas Carcas
8:50Ross Breen8:30Tod Doyle
8:10Sinead White7:30John Cummins Poetician
7:30Wilbury6:30Loq spoken word
6:50Ailbhe Reddy5:30Ying Yang Theatre Company
6:10Russel Hogg4:30Hoop Trouple Hula Hoop Workshop
5:30Chase Nova3:50Laura Ann Brady
2:00Sixth String Out3:10Miriam Donohue
Christian Collins
DJ Neglige Chill Out Set
Sandra Ball Believes In Aliens

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Knockanstockan Launch Gig – Photo Gallery

Photos: Michelle Geraghty