Knockanstockan festival 2013 lineupKnockanstockan Festival 2013 takes place on Friday 28th July to 28th July 2013 in the lovely surrounds of Blessington Music Festival. Located in Wicklow overlooking Blessington Lakes, over three days some of Ireland’s greatest bands and entertainers will congregate as a collective to put on a show as never seen before on these shores. Still holding true to its original ethos it is a barrier-free, open and very welcoming festival.

It’s one of the biggest showcases for rising Irish artists and even features a lot of acts whom have supported our Coast to Coast: Tea and Toast event. So we can vouch for a lot of the talent on this lineup.

For 2013 Goldenplec is teaming up with Knockanstockan to help in its efforts to raise money for Pieta House. Goldenplec will be dropping into Jimmie Lee’s Juke Joint on Saturday and Sunday and hopefully have a healthy dose of tea and toast for our Tea and Toast Jam. Acts will be performing acoustically at the Juke Joint to help you blow the sleepy hungover cobwebs away.


Blessington Lakes, Co. Wicklow, Ireland


Friday 26th July to Sunday 28th 2012


Early Bird: €75
Regular tickets: €95
Family Tickets (1 adult, 2 children): €95
Sunday day tickets: €40

Knockanstockan Festival 2013 lineup

Knockanstockan Sun Stage - Stage Times


Knockanstockan Faerie Fields - Stage Times


Knockanstockan 2013 Dimestore Stage - Stage Times


Knockanstocka 2013 Shack Of Diamonds - Stage Times

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