West Cork composer Patrick Hatchett, who goes by the cryptic pseudonym K3:lu (pronounced curlew after his favourite bird), almost defies genre descriptors with his energetic blend of funk with a strong west-African influence.

Having recently shared his self-titled debut, K3:lu has released a video for stand out track Kush On Anon featuring loops of found footage depicting dance, worship and ritual.

Watch Kush On Anon below:

“This track came from exploring the connected ritual of the dancefloor and the place of worship. How
the two worlds would often pass each other by early on a Sunday morning in their search for similar
experiences through differing means,” says K3:lu

“Taking inspiration from the pick ‘n’ mix style spirituality of the new age movement, the film plunders
ceremonies, destinations, characters and visions in search of a connection or sense of place that we
all seek. ‘Kush On Anon’ harks back to VHS rave footage, 70’s funk and soul shows, Waco cults, wild
festivals, mind altered states and nature’s influence on the proceedings,” he continues.

Kush On Anon is available for streaming now: