JW Francis is someone living a life less ordinary. As a certified walking tour guide of New York  he regularly throws murder mystery parties under the name J33.

He’s someone thinking outside the box and this comes across in his music, clearly in possession of a furtive mind that is unbound by limits.

Francis explained that Gold comes from “That line in The Outsiders “Stay Gold Ponyboy” that’s about that Robert Frost poem “Nothing Gold Can Stay”? This song is about that.

The video was filmed in Dodge 112 by Clout Caviar after Francis’ tour in November 2018.

“We got it all in one take! It was a joyous autumn evening, and I got to sing my song about holding on to joy and ‘keeping it gold.‘”

Gold will be featured on his upcoming debut album ‘We Share a Similar Joy’ which will be released later in 2019.