Ahead of their upcoming debut LP, Just Mustard have just released the new single Tainted. The track builds on the band’s band’s gift for constructing rich, ambient soundscapes that ooze melancholy atmosphere. Driven by the slow repetition of washed out guitars and a haze of dreamy vocals, Tainted promises big things of Just Mustard’s upcoming album.

Just Mustard are a five piece band based in Dundalk, Ireland. Combining influences from noise, trip hop, ambient electronic music and lo fi and more.Throughout 2016, since the release of their debut self titled EP and live sessions, they have established themselves as a formidable live band who’s sound creates a juxtaposition between haunting melodies and an enveloping wall of sound.

Their debut full length album is due to be released early 2018.

Just Mustard play Whelan’s, Dublin (Upstairs) on 14 September @ Midnight, free admission; and
The Spirit Store, Dundalk on 16 September @ 11pm, €8 admission.