Jamie Adam has delivered a video for his electro pop tribute to Mother Nature’s best friend Sir David Attenborough.

“I think he represents all the good qualities that humans can possess when it comes to nature and living in synergy with the planet. He has a sense of compassion and empathy with the natural world that we’ve lost in the pursuit of capitalism.” says Adam paying tribute to the inspirational figure that inspired the song. “

Working as a medical doctor by day in an Irish hospital, Jamie Adam has witnessed the tragedy of Coronavirus first-hand and is concerned about the unforeseen effects of the onrushing climate crisis.

“I’m not bashing capitalism, I think it can work but not in its current form. We are destroying our biodiversity and I think our current situation (with the pandemic) is a warning sign of what’s to come down the line.”

Sir David Attenborough is Adam’s first new composition since the release of his 2019 debut album ‘Melodic Electronic’. The track was recorded by Darragh Nolan (Sacred Animals) at Asta Kalapa Studios in Wexford.