In the race more music store supremacy in Europe it seems that the Itunes default lead is under severe pressure from a mounting challenge from Nokia. Comscore data in 5 European country markets and currently Itunes is leading but the percentage of the lead isnt as big as many might think.

Itunes has 28% with 1.2m direct to mobile downloads, Nokia Music Store is chasing hot on it’s heels with 22% of the market share with 0.94m direct to mobile downloads.  I certainly didn’t know Nokia had amassed such a user base for mobile downloads (despite having probably the largest existing base of phone users) as the smart phone market hasn’t been kind to them yet as Iphone and Android continue to amass smartphone user base. Which makes all the more impressive that what would seem largely a smartphone task to download music to your phone, and Iphone’s built in connectivity to Itunes you would think the gap would be larger but Nokia have closed the gap with clever advertising on Mobile sites to bring in users to their services.

Do you download music via your mobile phone? What service do you use?