This week’s round-up of the best new Irish music includes EPs from Gemma Dunleavy and Mulingar’s finest export The Academic (come at me Horan fans). There’s a very welcome return to Wyvern Lingo, while Power of Dreams and Emperor of Ice Cream are back after long hiatuses.

Northern Ireland is represented heavily this week including Gemma Bradley, Alice LA, Joshua Burnside, Jealous of the Birds and Our Krypton Son. There’s hip hop courtesy of Pat Lagoon, God Creative, Luthorist, Archy Moor and BoyW1DR. As well as collaborations from JC Stewart & 220 Kid, Mickey Valen and a triple-header from Lenii & Nnic, R.Kitt and Uly.

There’s new tracks from future legend Patricia Lalor, Roisin O, Nicha, Host, Runah, Elaine Mai and we make our acquaintance with Rachel Barror. There’s also new tracks from established acts such as Picture This, Miles Graham, Josh Gray and Cian Ducrot as well as new tracks from Moon Looks On, Perlata, sven, The Wha, Swedish Railway Orchestra and Battle Skies.

As ever, if you’ve new music coming out and you want to let us know in advance fill out the form here.


Gemma Dunleavy

The Academic