This week’s round-up of the best new Irish releases features albums from Swimmers Jackson and Evvol and an EP from Limerick’s Fonda. As ever you can check out the majority of the tracks on our Fresh Fridays Spotify playlist or check out the tracks individually below. As ever if you discover an act you like please like them on their socials and Spotify and/or head over to bandcamp and make a fair exchange of cash for happy ears.

You know what they say You wait for a post-punk band and two come along at the same time. Love them or loathe them Fontaines D.C.  and The Murder Capital are back with a new single and live EP. Not to be outdone Donegal’s BBC6 approved Constant Supply have shared a video for Let’s Cross The Rubicon and Sinead O’Brien returns with Roman Ruins.

Pop-wise we have new songs from The Academic, State Lights, Georgia G, The Volmonts, Jessica Hammond, Aine Carroll and Seba Safe. Irish hip hop continues to churn out new tracks and collabs from Tebi Rex, JyellowL & Siights, Offica, Mackool and Lenii and 1000 Beasts.

However if you need a singer/songwriter fix Eden, Tootawl, Joshua Burnside, Roe, and Riona Sally Hartman have you covered. All this plus new tracks from Sola, JJ Lee, Rob Walsh, Conor Thornton, Missalettes, The Winter Passing, The Girl Talk and Waiting Space.

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Fontaines D.C.

The Murder Capital

Constant Supply

Sinead O’Brien

The Academic

State Lights

The Valmonts

Siights feat. JyellowL

Tebi Rex

Lenii & 1000 Beasts


Mackool & Chris Kabs


Joshua Burnside

Waiting Space

Conor Thornton

Riona Sally Hartman


Aine Carroll

Gergia G

Jessica Hammond

Seba Safe

JJ Lee



The Winter Passing

Rob Walsh

Swimmers Jackson



Girl Talk

Fresh Fridays