Yes, it’s Friday. No, really. We know, we were shocked too. With that scarcely believable news in mind, here’s another round-up of the best new Irish music for your isolation stations.

2020 Plec Picks Joy Crookes and Fia Moon offer splendid samples of what they’re all about, while Patricia Lalor continues to catch attention with a run of excellent singles.

Elsewhere, there’s a previously unreleased Fight Like Apes track, a debut single from Andi, a Trump-challenging tune from The Crayon Set, and some stunning vocals from Megan Nic Ruairí, among others.

Closing out today’s list are EPs from Rosie Carney and Pat Lagoon as well as new albums from London-based Garret Moore as well as Goatboy. Finally, qualifying via the granny rule, the debut EP from Perth’s Lo is a superb slice of sad-pop in the vein of Soccer Mommy and Fiona Apple.

You can listen to (almost) everything listed below on our own Fresh Fridays – New Irish Music playlist over on Spotify!

Joy Crookes

Fia Moon

Patricia Lalor

Luan Parle

Alicia Raye


JJ Bloom


Megan Nic Ruairí



The Crayon Set


Dave Williams

Holy Razors

Kevin Judge

Fight Like Apes

Pickled Onions


Rosie Carney

Pat Lagoon

Garret Moore