This week’s round-up of the best new Irish music features heavy hitters like Dermot Kennedy, Gavin James and Glan Hansard and talented siblings galore as Loah and Fehdah combine on the latest single from The Line, while The Smiths feature heavily with cover-star Kojaque delivering ‘Johnny McEnroe’ featuring New York MC Wiki, while his brother J Smith delivers his ‘Baby Farm’ EP featuring a guest appearance from Soda Blonde’s Faye O’Rourke.

It’s great to see Irish born singer Holly Macve connecting with international superstar Lana Del Rey on ‘Suburban House’, she’d surely enjoy Tandem Felix’s second album ‘There’s A New Sheriff In Town’ or Robert John Ardiff’s third offering ‘Once I Was’ (both below).

Following last year’s rather large EP, dance duo Strabe finally deliver their debut album ‘How Our Love Grows’ while The Cope return with the 90s dance classic inspired ‘Find Another Way. Breakthrough star Jazzy delivers her debut EP ‘Constellations’ and Kayleigh Noble delivers her debut album ‘Just A Girl’, while Filipino/Irish artist Ylroy invites to see the world through their eyes on their debut EP ‘Three Flowers For My Beloved’.

The Valmonts will be hoping to establish themselves in the jam packed pop/rock scene with their debut EP ‘Living In A Paranoid Trance’. Fresh from collaborating with the RTE Orchestra, Fia Moon delivers another radio friendly jam ‘On Fire’ while her pop peer Neve delivers ‘Dizzynumb’ while NewDad continue to build towards he release of their highly anticipated debut album ‘Madra’ with ‘Let Go’.

John Francis Flynn takes an unexpected turn into folktronica with ‘Willie Crotty’ the latest glimpse of his forthcoming album ‘Look Over the Wall See The Sky’. And if singer/songwriters are your vibe we’ve got you covered with the new releases from the likes of Winter Aid, Ciaran Lavery, Enda Gallery, Sarah Hickey and Sarah Buckley.

If you’re looking for something a little less mainstream then checkout ‘My House’ from Larks, ‘Just Tonight’ from Last Apollo or ‘Not An Old Soul’ from Balderdash. If hip hop is more your thing, we’ve got you covered with new tracks from JyellowL Malaki and Fortune Igiebor connects with Jafaris for the dark ‘Walk Without My Old Cain’ while dance fans may enjoy the latest tracks from Autumns, Bklava and Headsgone.

and f that wasn’t enough there’s also songs from John Blek, Roisin O, Pa Sheehy, Siobhan Winifred, Darren Kiely, Ryan Sheridan, Tobi-A, David Saint Clair, Will Troy, Papa Romeo¬† and Mute The TV.

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Tandem Felix

Glen Hansard

Robert John Ardiff


Kayleigh Noble

J Smith


The Valmonts


Sarah Buckley