On this week’s round-up of the best new Irish music U2 get in the sandbox with their back catalogue, while Ailbhe Reddy returns with her best album to date ‘Endless Affair’ and fresh from ‘Take Me To Church’ being crowned the most successful alternative solo single ever in America. Hazier returns to the fold with ‘Eat Your Young’.

Meanwhile, Mr Smooth himself Uly delivers his biggest collection to date ‘1822.demos’ and Dashoda embraces his inner 80s crooner on his latest EP ‘Never Enough’.

Sister Fenix, featuring familiar faces Jess Kav and Senita Appiakorang deliver their debut single ‘Benefactor of Love’ also delivering their debut single is Snow Patrol’s Nathan Connolly who has joined forces with Biffy Clyro’s Simon Neil for ‘Fires’ and rock trio The Fae who began their music careers with the release of ‘Chloe’ earlier this week.

Plec Picks 2023 act Lauren Ann delivers her first new material of the year ‘Other Stuff’ while there’s also notable releases from Lucy McWilliams, Christian Cohle, Kneecap and Picture This.

Donegal’s Disfreq lead a packed field of dance acts with ‘You Know’, Mano le Tough continues his collaboration with Kev Sheridan whit ‘Big Unit’ and the Choice Prize nominated Welshy hooks up with Shane Codd for ‘Used To Be’.

And if that wasn’t enough to be dealing with there’s also new music from Sam Casey, Laurie Shaw, Maeve, Arborist, Layzee Gold, Alex Koncher, Annie Valentine Pagan and Amy Michelle for your consideration. It all adds up to enough to see you through this weekend’s 2-day hangover.


Ailbhe Reddy