Ireland Music Week is set to return to Dublin this October and the first round of delegates for the conference has been announced alongside confirmation of returning partners Warner Music Ireland, Universal Music Ireland and Sony Music Ireland

We are so proud that we were able to keep Ireland Music Week on the global map during the two years of lockdown.” says Angela Dorgan, CEO of First Music Contact.We are equally delighted that we can return to a full in-person showcase and conference with old friends and new from the global music industry making their way to Dublin to run from venue to venue discovering our newest talent.”

Ireland Music Week will also welcome three international performers at the festival and three international innovators to take part in the conference a part of a continued partnership with Keychange.

The festival will take place across four days, with the music showcases taking place over two nights – Thurs 6th & Fri 7th.

50 acts will have the chance to play and take part in this internationally-recognised event showcasing Ireland’s best emerging talent. The deadline for applications to play Ireland Music Week is 6pm tomorrow (April 20th).

The first round of international delegates confirmed for the conference include:

Adam Lewis (Planetary)

Adam Ryan (The Great Escape)

Ben Buchanan (CAA)

Brendan Bourke (The Syn)

César Andión (Live Nation)

Carly James (CAA)

Claire Courtney (Earth Agency)

Charlot Henzen (Domino Publishing)

Doug Croy (Atlantic Records)

Dev Sherlock (SXSW)

Dana Benjamins (Reeperbahn)

Debbie Ball (Create Spark)

Emma Snook (Partisan Records)

Lisa Hresko (A2IM)

Michael Lambert (Wide Days)

Mike Bell (The New Colossus)

Mahmood Shaikh (Concerted Effort)

Mathew Covey (Tamizdat)

Marlon Burton (ATC)

Menno Versteeg (Royal Mountain Records)

Nick Robinson (Kobalt)

Pat Carr (Remote Control Agency)

Robert Meijerink (ESNS)

Ruth Barlow (Beggars Group)

Rev Moose (Marauder)

Sindri Ástmarsson (Iceland Airwaves)

Yannick Zimmerman (c/o pop)