Recently we ran a few questions by John of The Cast of Cheers to catch up on the whirlwind year that they have been having, enjoy

Wow what a few months its been for you guys, has it all breezed by or been a long toil to prominance?
It’s been a bit of a blur actually, an overwhelmingly awesome blur!

The name “The Cast of Cheers” where did that come from? what sparked the idea?
Not really a spectacular story, it was a joke. I shortlisted around 50 or so names for Conor and “The Cast of Cheers” was at the very end of the list as a little joke between myself and Conor, he liked it and then in turn ended up convincing me that it was the right name for the band.

What has been the highlight of your last few months?
It’s all been a highlight, honestly. From the bands we’ve played with to the people we’ve met and befriended. Who knew that there’s a plathora of lovely people out there making music!

When you began you decided to give away your album free. What prompted that?
We were completely unknown, we hadn’t played live yet and we wanted to get the album out there. Giving the album away for free seemed like the easiest way of getting it out to as many people as possible. It just made sense and the response we’ve had has really proven that.

Would you recommend to other bands giving their music away as a business model?
It’s certainly helped us and it’s a great incentive to your prospective audience. I think in the position we were in, being completely unknown it really worked in our favour as we seemed to appear from no where with a “gift”.

What has been your favourite gig/venue so far?
They’ve all been spectacular! We’ve been blessed with the bands and people we’ve been involved with the last few months. I honestly can’t pick just one but I’ll just say that I left my head, heart and shoes in Galway.

Will there be a second album to follow up on your success, will it follow the first albums release or try a change?
We’re currently writing for the second album. It may or may not be called “Rocket” and it may or may not be a hard copy release out by the end of the summer! Hmmmm!

Your down to play Castlepalooza, Is this your first festival appearance including previous bands members may have been in?
As far as I know, this is the first for all of us. We’re really excited about it! We’ve even considered changing the band name to Castofpalooza for the duration (not really, but it’s the thought that counts, right?).

How much impact do you think music blogs like ours, Nialler9, Swear Im not Paul, 2uibestowState on your quick rise?
Our music wouldn’t have reached half the people it did without websites like the ones you mentioned and yourselves. Our music was born on the internet and with the help of the Irish music scene on the web it’s spread further than we could have hoped. We’re in serious debt to the interwebs.

What next for The Cast of Cheers?
I can sum that up for you in 14 words. Gig, gig, gig, write, write, gig, gig, gig, record, record, write, record, gig, gig!