There are few bands you can speak of who have been going for as long as The Saw Doctors have and maintained popularity throughout the years from inception to current.

The Saw Doctors have always had a strong and consistent following throughout their career and with the new album “The Further Adventures of the Saw Doctors”, Their seventh studio album, They are looking to continue this success that is nearly a quarter of a century long and growing.

Leo Moran took some time out to answer our questions. Here’s what he said.

The Saw Doctors are 24 years running, 18 top 30 singles – What makes you keep going?

It’s the next game that matters; don’t look back. We’re enjoying it as much, if not more, than ever. The band’s playing brilliantly, we’ve got a new album ready to go. Let me at it!

I Useta Lover was your first Number one, how fondly do you look back on that song and what it kick started?

It was a passport for us that brought us to very many places I would never have been to otherwise. I love the song; it did get disproportionate attention but that’s what you hope for when you start writing songs, so no complaints. The era of its being a hit was a bit too fast to savour.

Have you grown weary of playing N17 or do you still enjoy it?

Every night’s a different gig, even in the same venue, two-in-a-row, so the songs live little lives of their own – plus we do a ska-flavoured version lately to keep it stirred up a bit.

The Waterboys and The Saw Doctors are kind of intertwined personal wise. Has there been a Saw Doctors cover of Fisherman’s Blues and would you ever release such a track?

Jess Klein supported us on tour in the USA a few times and she’d come out and sing Fisherman’s Blues with us, very well too, I must say. I just can’t hear Davy singing the song though.

The new album, The Further Adventures of The Saw Doctors, is your seventh studio album. What is new or different about this one?

They’re saying it’s more “rocky” than our previous efforts – I don’t know , I hate describing music, let people hear it and judge it for themselves.

Do you think the new album is a progression for The Saw Doctors or a continuation of your sound?

I think it’s a bit of both; we’ve worked really hard on recording and polishing the songs, there are a few different sounds and styles on it. However, you’d still know it’s us.

Is there a song the band universally love. The song you wrote you’re most proud of?

For me it’s “Same Oul’ Town” – I love what it captures, and I love when a person comes up to me and says it’s their favourite too. Like anyone, I go through phases of liking some more than others.

If you could have written any song in the world, which one would you like to claim for your own and why?

Off the top of my head right now I’ll say, “That Summer Feeling” by Jonathan Richman – it captures the almost incapturable, expresses the most inexpressible little detailed fleeting emotions; little joys and sadness’s. But we all have to write our own songs…

The 2008 Meteor Awards honoured The Saw Doctors with a lifetime achievement award. What did it mean to join Irish legends like Clannad, The Dubliners, The Pogues, Bob Geldof and Paul McGuinness on that honour sheet.

We got a bit of a shock when we heard we were getting the award – it sounds a bit final at first, but when you look at the list and see that nearly everyone honoured is healthy and current and still doing what they’ve always been doing it’s reassuring. I don’t think I’ve fully taken in the fact that we’re on the list with those legends…

How do you find touring these days compared to younger days?

Love it, always loved it. From the first shoestring efforts supporting The Waterboys through all the mini-buses and sleeper-coaches, I love waking up in a different town; I think there’s the breed of a traveller in me. Things are more organised in later years, though airports have become more tedious, but the fun levels have been the same from the start.

Is there any country in the world you haven’t played in that you wish you had?

I’d love to play in Japan; I love the food and the drink and the classy culture in general, so hopefully……

Is there anything in music you feel you have left to achieve?

I don’t really see it as aiming at achievements other than if you feel like writing a song and it’s going to give you pleasure and satisfaction to play and record it as well as you can. I suppose that would be my next ambition; to write another song that connects with people.

Is there more albums in The Saw Doctors?

I hope so; we’d like to do a week’s recording during the Winter to see if we can get a start on a new line of creations – we’ll see….

Thanks for taking the time out to answer some of our questions for .
We hope the album is a huge success for you and The Saw Doctors continue to be one of the landmark bands furthering Irish music on a Global scale.

Thank you Aidan, a pleasure.

Upcoming Saw Doctor Dates

Fri August 27 – TUAM, CO. GALWAY Arts Festival Marquee
New Album Showcase Concert  – Tickets: €20 plus charges

Saturday August 28 – TUAM, CO. GALWAY Arts Festival Marquee
New Album Showcase Concert Tickets: €20 plus charges

Sunday September 12 – Co. SLIGO, BALLYMOTE Temple House Festival /

Friday September 17 – MEATH, NAVAN LIVE
Teach na Teamhrach (formerly Balreask Arms) /

Friday September 24 – CORK, SAVOY

Saturday September 25 – DUBLIN, OLYMPIA

Friday November 5 – BELFAST – MANDELA HALL /

Friday December 31 – Co. MAYO , CASTLEBAR TF Royal Theatre